Who we are

Con i Bambini is a non-profit organisation founded in June 2016 with the aim to realise programs from “The Fund Against Educational Poverty In Children and Youth“. The social enterprise Con i Bambini is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CON IL SUD Foundation. The Fund was created in 2016 in collaboration with ACRI (an organisation representing foundations of banking origin), the Italian Government, and The National Forum of Organisations in the Third Sector. It supports projects intended to remove economic, social, and cultural obstacles for children and youth and to allow full advantage of the educational processes. The fund is supported by Foundations of banking origin, which in turn receive a state tax credit. Overall, “The Fund Against Educational Poverty in Children and Youth” has a value of about 700 million euro over six years and represents the largest system action to combat the phenomenon of educational poverty in Italy. In order to promote a debate on the status of minors in Italy, starting from the educational, cultural and social opportunities offered, Con i Bambini has launched an Observatory on Educational Poverty in collaboration with Openpolis. Over the years, Con i Bambini has also promoted several free contests on web and social media to give children and young people a voice and recount the world we live in from their point of view: not only fears, dreams and emotions, but also current events, such as the pandemic and war.