What We Do

To date, Con I Bambini has published 10 Calls for proposals (Early Childhood 0-6 years, Adolescence 11-17, New Generations 5-14 years, One Step Forward, Mending Dreams, Changing Course, With Open Arms, A Possible Tomorrow, Not One Less, Start From Zero), and it has selected a total of 355 projects from across Italy. These include 17 co-financing initiatives with other organisations and 6 “participatory” initiatives in the regions from Central Italy that were hard hit by the earthquake in 2016. A new element in the processing of the project has been recently introduced, that of “impact assessment”, and represents another important novelty of the Fund. The approved projects are supported by a total of about 281 million euro, and further reach almost half a million children and young people, who together with their families live in conditions of hardship. The projects directly involve about 6,600 organisations, including organisations from the third sector, schools, public and private companies.

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